When you think of terrazzo, installing them in restrooms is not the first thing that comes to mind. But make no mistake, restrooms leave a lasting impression whether you are a sports fan taking a restroom break during halftime at a sports venue or a traveler making a pit stop after getting off a plane. Terrazzo provides restrooms with some beneficial qualities. One being durability. The other being low-maintenance. These features can offer a unique twist in a style that is both more convenient and more comforting than traditional restrooms.

People associate restrooms with being dirty and inaccessible at times. There are even some people who would avoid using public restrooms altogether. But terrazzo provides a unique opportunity for schools, venues, businesses, and other buildings, one that changes everything that we have come to know about restrooms today. We are not saying that a renovation will increase the likelihood that a person will use a public restroom, but more focusing on how the renovation fits a person’s needs. More ample space. More cleanliness. And more beautiful designs.

ALSAC Event Center Terrazzo Restroom

Durability and Low Maintenance

Two key features for adding terrazzo to any restroom is its durability and low-maintenance. If you are seeking a flooring system that will last for decades, terrazzo ranks at the top of the list. The outdated interiors, the smell and the lack of facility upkeep are just a few reasons why people associate restrooms with dirtiness. Since terrazzo is non-porous, it helps eliminates the dirtiness associated with restrooms if properly cared for. With a terrazzo installation, fears of bacteria growth should falter. That’s because terrazzo is both water and stain-resistant, and the floor’s seamless style removes grout entirely, making the room look and feel a lot cleaner.

Salvation Army Terrazzo Flooring Restroom

Terrazzo Restroom Design

Designers are specifying new finish materials that not only are eco-friendly and long-lasting but also bring out the very best of a space. Terrazzo gives them endless design options to choose. Designers can create a clean, seamless look with terrazzo, or use multiple epoxy resin colors and geometric shapes to plan something more creative.

We all have an opinion on restrooms, so it’s an establishment that should not be overlooked. Today designers have a wide array of materials to use with terrazzo to exceed a customer’s expectations. Stainless steel doors, LED lighting, and noise-reduced walls can all make a customer appreciate public restrooms more. People will immediately take notice of the upgrade in designs.

Terrazzo School Restroom

Train Station Terrazzo Restroom

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