A Shift in Healthcare Design

Healthcare facilities today have shifted towards implementing sustainable building design. With this task comes a few challenges. Hospitals operate continuously; therefore, architects have to decide which building materials are efficient enough while adhering to standards and regulations. Terrazzo remains a go-to flooring option for architects as they strive to achieve LEED certification. We’ll take a look at how terrazzo is a key player in healthcare design.

Terrazzo functions as a green material that has a strong correlation in improving the health of patients while reducing environmental waste. By adding terrazzo to any healthcare facility, installers can cover so much ground at a cost-effective price.

In most hospitals today, vinyl is a common flooring type. Unlike vinyl though, terrazzo consists of recycled materials such as glass, porcelain, and concrete that greatly reduces the amount of overall waste. In addition, terrazzo contains low volatile organic compounds, which increases the air quality throughout the hospital facilities.

MUSC Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo’s Impact in Hospitals

It is important to consider using sustainable materials as a link towards patient’s recovery speeds and health developments. Even small changes in the existing design can have a long-term impact on the health of a patient or the building. By switching over to terrazzo flooring and walls, not only do architects provide a health benefit for the building’s occupants but also a durable and easy to maintain floor that can withstand the high amounts of foot traffic.

Additionally, terrazzo comes with great creative capabilities that can make a healthcare design stand out. Hospitals do not have to suffer a loss in design quality if the building transitions to terrazzo. In fact, architects can use terrazzo to replicate an existing floor design or create something entirely new. Most healthcare facilities can continue to use a simple yet modern floor style. On the other hand, architects can use multiple epoxy resin colors and graphics to develop an engaging atmosphere that would be proper for a children’s department.

With a focus on improving the health of patients and buildings, terrazzo provides a great opportunity in healthcare design.

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