With a few weeks to go until Christmas, some people are scrambling to find last-minute gifts for their loved ones. Whether you could not find the best deals this holiday season or are simply stumped on what to get someone, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo has got a few gift ideas that will make this Christmas a holiday to remember.


Terrazzo Fashion

Acne Studios Terrazzo Print Isherwood Shirt Source: elaboratestate.com

Don’t send an ugly Christmas sweater this year. Instead, wrap a top, scarf, socks or tie customized with a terrazzo design.  These designs can come in any color, and just so happens to be a current style trend.

Furniture – Table, Lamps

Terrazzo Furniture

Marmoreal by Msx Lamb. Source: iconeye.com

Terrazzo no longer confines to just flooring. Designers are experimenting with new forms, thus creating tables and lamps that people can enjoy in their rooms. Certainly bold yet beautiful in design, a customized furniture piece may just have made it onto your nice list.

Decor – Pillows, Bedsheets

Terrazzo Decor

Terrazzo Pillow. Source: society6.com

Some people dream of terrazzo, but what if you can actually sleep alongside a terrazzo pillow or  crawl into some terrazzo bed sheets? It’s a great way to wake up to a new year in style.

Kitchenware – Mugs, Bowls, Plates

Terrazzo Kitchenware

Terrazzo Kitchenware. Source: 12thirteen-store.com/

Share a Christmas feast with some new terrazzo kitchenware. After the meal is over, the best part may even be the cleaning. That is because a terrazzo’s surface is easy to clean. Now that is what we call eating in style.

Phone Cases

Terrazzo iPhone Case

Terrazzo iPhone Case. Source: theformmaker.com

With thousands of people upgrading their iPhones and smartphones over the holiday season, it is perfect idea to accessorize their new phones with a brand new terrazzo-designed case.  Like terrazzo, phone cases are durable. So in case that special someone accidentally drops his or her phone on the floor, they will thank you for the gift.


Terrazzo Umbrella

Terrazzo Umbrella. Source: neimanmarcus.com

Still undecided? How about a terrazzo umbrella? It’s like providing sunshine on a rainy day with these beautiful designs.

Backpack and bags

Terrazzo Bag

Terrazzo Handbag. Source: thelabellife.com

What may be better than Santa’s toy sack? Try giving a pattern-designed backpack or tote bag. Great for carrying your items all year long.


Terrazzo Artwork

Terrazzo Artwork. Source: normcph.com

Want to channel your spouse’s inner creativity? Maybe a terrazzo painting will leave him or her in awe this holiday season. There are unlimited design opportunities, so whether you paint from the heart or purchase an artist’s masterpiece, this will make a wonderful display all year round.


Terrazzo Pencil

Terrazzo Pencil. Source: ouimillie.com

These items are sure to be some stocking stuffers. Small. Cheap. Stylish. If you have children, then terrazzo-patterned pencils and notebooks are cool to have in school.

Flooring and Countertops

Terrazzo Kitchen Flooring

Terrazzo Kitchen Flooring Source: minimalisti.com

Have a little more in your budget this year? Surprise your spouse with new terrazzo flooring or countertops. Recycled glass countertops can liven up a kitchen and your Christmas spirits. Terrazzo is durable, beautiful and easy to maintain, making it a gift you can cherish over the years.


We hope these terrazzo designs provide some ideas for gifts for this holiday season. From the team at Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo, we wish you a happy holiday!

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