Today, the appearance of the dining atmosphere is just as important as the food itself. Terrazzo can bring new meaning to the adage “you eat with your eyes.” The phrase refers to how a food’s presentation affects our decision to eat that food. For example, foods that look unappetizing could very well not be fulfilled after the first bite. The same concept can be applied to design. We’ll take a look at how terrazzo can be a perfect addition to several dining environments.


The food drives people into restaurants. But what happens when the customers arrive? For a restaurant to be successful, entrepreneurs must factor in food quality, service, and design. The goal is to provide customers with the ultimate dining experience. Terrazzo can help. When businesses are serving hundreds of customers per day, terrazzo comes equipped with the durability and ease of maintenance that owners seek. The design is entirely left up to the architect’s imagination. Terrazzo provides a customized flooring design. For fine dining experiences, terrazzo can provides a seamless and elegant design that matches the rest of the interior elements within the restaurant’s space. For family dining, a multitude of epoxy colors and engaging graphics could liven up the room.

Bars and Breweries

Terrazzo provides a relaxing and ambient experience for bars and breweries around the county. Mixed with lighting elements, terrazzo can create a certain mood as customers enjoy a cold beer or delicious drink. Spills are expected. However, there is not much to worry about if terrazzo is installed. Terrazzo flooring and countertops are easy to clean, which ensures that little damage occurs to the material throughout the lifetime of the establishment. One of the unique aspects of terrazzo is its ability to create customized logos and graphics for local bars and breweries. Many bar locations around the country feature creative branding that gives a place a unique look and feel. Using a water jet machine, installers include precise graphics at the time of the terrazzo installation, allowing terrazzo to be a perfect addition in Art in Public Place programs.

Stars on King Restaurant and Bar - Terrazzo Flooring

Dining Halls

Universities around the country have started to transition to terrazzo in its dining facilities. Catering to hundreds of thousands of students each year for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, universities will need a longlasting floor. Terrazzo has the durability to withstand heavy amounts of foot traffic. As a matter of fact, the material is durable enough to last on average up to 75 years. That is an incredible value that architects and interior designers won’t find in other flooring systems. Let’s not forget to mention that the dining halls are a commonplace where students meet up with their friends to dine and socialize, making it a central place where memories are formed.


Terrazzo can fit well right in your own home. Today’s kitchens include glass countertops and epoxy terrazzo flooring, which ultimately provides great value for homeowners. Not only does the terrazzo provide timeless beauty for years, but the material is low maintenance. Think about it. Kitchens can become messy after meals or experience wear-and-tear from heavy usage, but the great thing about terrazzo surfaces is its easy cleaning methods and fewer replacements over time.  As a result, terrazzo is a cost-effective investment for homeowners.

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