A Terrazzo Floor is a Healthy Floor


In recent years, Americans have shifted towards a healthier lifestyle. This may include taking in an extra session of Yoga a week, substituting high-calorie foods with gluten-free meals or juice blends, or even taking a more minimalist approach when decorating their homes. One thing is for certain, people are open to change. With those changes comes new experiences. So with new habits forming, no wonder a floor like terrazzo is breaking through the flooring industry. That is because a terrazzo floor is a healthy floor.

So long allergies

Dust disperses everywhere. When surfaces go without regular cleaning, dust and other residues can not only distort a floor’s appearance but also can trigger an allergic reaction. Let’s compare terrazzo to a carpet. We have all had our experiences with getting a stain out of a carpet. It’s quite the mess. But no matter how many times we vacuum or scrub a carpet, there will always be particles left. and mold is a nuisance in a carpet. With terrazzo, the surface is much easier to clean. With no grout lines neither, you have a smoother surface, allowing anyone to clean the floor with a swipe of a mop. A seamless floor also prevents harmful bacteria to grow over time. As a result, terrazzo floors prevent allergies.

Carpet and terrazzo installed at Orlando Veterans Affair Medical Center; Healthy Terrazzo Flooring

No special cleaners required

All you need to clean a terrazzo floor is clean water and a mop. Some people rely on cleaning products, which we highly do not recommend. Some cleaning products contain chemicals that can cause chronic respiratory illnesses. Terrazzo is a desirable material because it can improve indoor air quality.


Zero VOCs

Terrazzo also consists of zero VOC materials. VOCs are volatile organic compounds, and they’re produced by chemicals used in the manufacture or use of certain products. Common products with volatile organic compounds include paints, gasoline, perfumes, refrigerants, and fabric cleaners.  These products can release harmful or even hazardous gases in your home or workplace, which can cause asthma or and other respiratory illnesses.

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