With many flooring options to choose from, architects seek durable and stylish floors at a cost-effective value. Architects can reap the rewards of a sustainable design by choosing terrazzo. At a cost-effective price, terrazzo has the features and benefits that architects will find valuable for their projects.

Great Choice for Sustainable Projects

There may be a misconception that green and sustainable building materials will cost more to include during the construction process. That is not the case. Now while terrazzo may have a high initial cost per square foot, using a sustainable product like terrazzo actually greatly reduces long-term costs. Other materials like carpet and tile may need replacements over time. But with terrazzo, architects have little to worry about. Because of terrazzo’s durability, the floor design will last for decades. In 50 years, a terrazzo floor will look just like it did the day of the installation.

One of the reasons why terrazzo has resurfaced in the flooring industry is due to the fact that it can help architects qualify for LEED certification. Terrazzo contains recycled aggregates, which greatly reduces pricing.

White terrazzo floors at Johnson C. Smith University

Factors that Determine Terrazzo Pricing

There are certain factors to consider when determining the overall pricing of terrazzo though.

Size of Project

How much square feet of space is required? The more area you need to cover for the installation, the higher the project costs. However, cost per square ft of epoxy terrazzo decreases as the total square ft increases.

Timing and Location

Depending on where the project is located and how soon the project needs to be completed can affect the initial pricing for terrazzo. Flooring contractors have to plan out the logistics of the project. This means they will have to coordinate and transport the epoxy, aggregates, and construction labor to the job site.


There are many design factors that could effect the overall pricing of terrazzo.

Epoxy Colors

Designers can use as many epoxy colors as they wish. If a designer is looking for a uniformed surface he or she may use one color for the flooring design. If they are looking for a very creative design, they are able to do so as well.

Pick a color. Any color. The great thing about terrazzo is that any color can be created in the floor’s design. The colors are endless; however, the more epoxy colors chosen will affect the initial project cost for installing terrazzo.


Terrazzo can use a variety of aggregates ranging from marble, glass, and shells into its design. Aggregates come from all over the world. There are beautiful yet rare aggregates to choose from. Premium aggregates like the mother of pearl, porcelain, and some recycled glass can factor into the overall cost of terrazzo. Also, marble chip size more than 3/8” (or size #2 in terrazzo terms) will cost more.

Logo Design

Architects have tremendous design flexibility when it comes to terrazzo, being able to include different logos and graphics with the floor. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo professionals can use a water jet machine to precisely cut out a logo’s contour. Consider the type of metals for both the logo design and divider strips. Architects can use brass, zinc, aluminum or other materials; however, a material like zinc would cost more than using a material like aluminum.

Grit Level

The basic NTMA standard finish for terrazzo floors is 120 grit. Some architects do prefer more sheen in the floors and will choose a higher grit level. As a result, a higher gloss will affect pricing.

Other factors

Sometimes architects decide to add underlayments such as a moisture mitigation system or anti-crack membranes with the terrazzo floor. Sometimes concrete slabs do not dry adequately in time. As a result, humidity can create moisture-related flooring disasters. Moisture mitigation systems help limit or eliminate any movement of water vapor into the terrazzo floor. It is also designed to prevent gases from transmitting throughout the space, which can have an overall effect on the health of a building and people. Anti-crack membranes are intended to buffer any horizontal type movements thus effectively preventing cracks from occurring. Consider these features for any project. Contact a Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo representative and they can help discuss the features in greater detail.

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is an experienced terrazzo contractor in all facets of terrazzo including; poured in place cement and thin-set epoxy terrazzo systems as well as all precast terrazzo material installations. If you seek professional installation help with a future commercial project, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo can offer its services to you. Please reach out to a Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo representative at (704) 921-4940 or info@doyledickersonterrazzo.com. When it comes to terrazzo, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is “Your Choice in Terrazzo.”

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