Each month, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo has taken you around the world to look at famous landmarks with terrazzo floors. This month we venture to one of the happiest places on Earth: Disneyland.

Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California, opened in 1955. Today the park remains one of the biggest attractions around the world. Popular exhibits like Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Mickey’s Toontown are the highlights of the resort. With the future expansion that will include a Star Wars-themed park, the resort will bring continue to draw people’s interests.

Terrazzo has been a feature in many of the park’s buildings.  For instance, hotels, theaters, restaurants and the main streets of Disneyland all encompass the material, making it the perfect getaway for a family.

Terrazzo helps create an enchanting atmosphere for tourists. A designer can create your favorite Disney character, whether it be Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck because terrazzo has design capabilities that few other flooring options have. Multiple colors and pattern options entice designers to include terrazzo in their plans.

Take for instance the Carthay Circle Theater along Buena Vista Street. If you ever visit the building, make sure to take a closer look at the terrazzo floor. You might be missing something. Beyond the different epoxy colors, one will find a hidden Mickey Mouse symbol embedded in the Art Deco-inspired terrazzo floor at the theater’s entrance.

Other Disney Destinations

Travelers can travel north to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, California. The ground floor is miraculous with a total of 40 colors poured in place with epoxy terrazzo. The results are fascinating and it is hard to take your eyes on the artwork displayed.

Walt Disney Family Museum

Walt Disney Family Museum. Source: NTMA.com

Disneyworld in Florida, Tokyo Disney and Hong Kong Disney Land all have terrazzo displayed in its parks to create a lasting memory for Disney fans. Yes, these floors are aesthetically beautiful but terrazzo is more than just a work of art.

Terrazzo helps benefits amusement parks with its durability and easy to clean features. Disneyland is on the radar for being one of the business tourist attractions around the world and it won’t let up anytime soon. Disney executives realize that terrazzo is built to last a long time, which enables the amusement park to flourish over the next century.

So whether you have been to Disneyland or wish to visit the park in the future, the experience exceeds expectations. Terrazzo just happens to be part of the happy ending. It’s a place for the whole family.

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