Lights, camera, terrazzo! Terrazzo can be seen around the world. In sunny California, The Hollywood Walk of Fame has become of the biggest attractions in the United States. Since the attraction’s inception in 1960, celebrities are recognized for their contributions to the entertainment business each year. But behind all the glitz and glamour, terrazzo is at play.

Take a closer look next time you are in Los Angeles, California, and you will see that the attraction is made of coral-pink five-point stars laid around a charcoal-colored terrazzo background. 18 blocks of terrazzo are displayed for your eyes to see.

Ever wondered how the terrazzo is laid onto the famous sidewalk? It all starts with a great installation team. A family-owned business, Top End Constructors, has been in charge of creating each star since 1950. They edge out a square with a jackhammer, placing cement and sand in the confines of the square before placing the design on top. Using aggregates such as marble, shells, and glass mixed with epoxy, a coat is layered and finished off with a polish and sealer. To see the process for yourself, we provided a link to a video of Top End Constructors creating the famous star: A Star in the Making

Terrazzo remains the top flooring option because of its long life-span, ranging up to 75 years. It also is durable and easy to maintain. With an estimated 10 million tourists visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame each year, terrazzo is ideal for heavy-foot traffic areas. Around 20 new stars are created each year, expanding the sidewalk. As a result, maintenance is important. Not to worry though. When the tourists have retreated, all anyone has to do is take a mop and a bucket of warm water to remove dirt and dust particles that have accumulated during the day. It’s a simple process that restores the material to its original state, allowing the sidewalk to shine again the following day. Hollywood will continue to see an increase in tourism every year. With the durability of terrazzo, the material allows the monument to be seen by millions upon millions of people over the course of this century.

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