Brands today focus on providing the best experience possible for their customers. For many retail stores, attracting customers into the store and leaving them with a lasting impression is a primary goal. For Dylan’s Candy Bar, its retail experience is like no other. The company offers the largest candy selection to its customers while immersing them in a dreamlike environment with interactive displays and vibrant colors.

Dylan’s Candy Bar is coming to Charlotte, North Carolina. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is installing a white epoxy terrazzo floor inside the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, soon-to-be-home of the retail store. In fact, terrazzo is seen in many of Dylan’s Candy Bar locations which help attract customers into the store and offer them the ultimate shopping experience.

Dylan's Candy Bar - Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo installer cleaning up the polished terrazzo floor at Dylan’s Candy Bar inside the Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Adding Terrazzo to Retail Design

Terrazzo originated in Italy during the 15th century but has earned a wave of popularity for many architectural projects today. The building material is made from chips of marble, glass, and other decorative aggregates embedded in either a cement or epoxy. While terrazzo is known traditionally as a floor finish, the building material works also for countertops, walls, and stairs.

But terrazzo has been impactful for many retail venues today like Dylan’s Candy Bar. Terrazzo allows brands to decorate their floors with unique patterns or even embed their logo anywhere in the store, commonly seen towards the store’s entrances. With a high-end polish, retail stores can achieve a luxurious finish.

However, Dylan’s Candy Bar went with a white epoxy terrazzo floor, a common color among retail locations using terrazzo. This gives the store a shimmering seamless finish that looks gorgeous as light reflects off the floor.

Because Dylan’s Candy Bar is located inside the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the store faces a busy environment. Terrazzo systems are easy to clean and easy to maintain daily. As thousands of travelers walk through the terminals and enter the store, the durability of terrazzo benefits the retail environment maintaining all aesthetic qualities. That means the floor remain beautiful all year long protective from abrasions, scratches, and spillage.

About Dylan’s Candy Bar

In the early 2000s, Dylan Lauren, daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren, opened the world’s largest confectionery emporium finding innovative ways to merge candy with the world of art, fashion and pop culture. Dylan’s Candy Bar offers a unique experience for its customers. Thee store includes eye-catching visual displays and a wide selection of sweets. In addition to its candies, Dylan’s Candy Bar offers toys, clothing, scented lotions, and accessories.

With Dylan’s Candy Bar now located inside the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the retail venue continues to expand worldwide with notable locations already in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami. According to their website, their New York location is a top 10 tourist attraction welcoming over 2 million visitors per year.

Take a look at some of Dylan’s Candy Bar locations:

Retail Design - Terrazzo

Dylan’s Candy Bar – Chicago; Source:


Retail Design - Terrazzo

Dylan’s Candy Bar – NY; Source:


Dylan’s Candy Bar Miami; Source:


Through design, terrazzo can give retail venues a visually upgrade to improve the customer experience. But terrazzo offers durability and low maintenance to keep these stores looking beautiful daily. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is a terrazzo installation company located in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you have a question on how terrazzo can benefit an upcoming retail project, please contact us at 704-921-4949 or