• Aerial view of the epoxy terrazzo floors at the University of Alabama
  • Beautiful epoxy terrazzo flooring at the University of Alabama
  • University of Alabama Terrazzo Flooring in corridor of student building
  • Brown and Blue Epoxy Terrazzo in Geometric Design at the University of Alabama
  • Black Terrazzo Stairs at the University of Alabama


Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Doster Construction Company, Inc.


Williams Blackstock Architects, PC

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The University of Alabama Science and Engineering Building brings together a classic style with cutting-edge technology. A consistent terrazzo pattern flows seamlessly throughout multiple floors of the facility. Epoxy terrazzo covers 4,959 square feet of surface, using three epoxy resin colors and a mixture of marble dust, brown and blue marble chips and mother of pearl for the mix design. Precast terrazzo tread and riser stairs complete with precast terrazzo tiles connect each floor. The design aims to promote higher academic performance for all students attending the university.

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