• Old Dominion University Terrazzo logo floor design
  • terrazzo tiles and terrazzo seal at the Old Dominion University gym
  • Lion design in black terrazzo at Old Dominion University
  • Harp design in black terrazzo at Old Dominion University


Norfolk, Virginia


S.B. Ballard Construction Company


Moseley Architects

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This state-of-the-art recreation facility made room for new multipurpose activity courts, classrooms, conference rooms and lounge areas. The terrazzo floor, designed by terrazzo contractor Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo, consists of precast terrazzo tiles and a decorative terrazzo seal. The highly detailed seal was cut by our professionals using a water jet and later transported to the job site where epoxy terrazzo was poured in place. With a terrazzo floor in place, Old Dominion University has a floor that is durable to withstand the oncoming traffic of thousands of students who attend the facility daily while being able to clean and maintain the floor with ease. With architects and designers leaning towards adding sustainable elements into their building plans, students are given more opportunity to enrich their learning and social experience on campus.

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is “Your Choice in Terrazzo.” Contact us at (704) 921-4940 or info@doyledickersonterrazzo.com.

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