• High Point University with terrazzo flooring
  • Terrazzo Self Supporting Stair Tread and Purple LED lights at High Point University
  • Precast Self Supporting flat treads stairs at High Point University
  • Beautiful terrazzo floors at High Point University
  • White terrazzo floors and black precast terrazzo stairs at High Point University
  • Terrazzo design adjacent to High Point University elevators
  • Precast terrazzo water fountain with LED lights at High Point University


High Point, North Carolina

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The interior at High Point University is majestic. The terrazzo floors shine throughout three stories of the building. At the bottom floor, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo installed a fountain made with precast terrazzo. Together with the lighting and other interior displays, it is a remarkable piece of the building. Going up the escalators, students and visitors reach the main floor where they will find the customer service desk, a movie theater and lobby area. Precast flat tread staircases connect the main floor to the upper floor. The terrazzo flooring at High Point University is a fantastic example where durability meets extraordinary beauty. This decorative building is sustainable too. Using recycled glass aggregates and natural marble chips, this center provides benefits for all students and faculty members for the foreseeable future.

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