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  • Coastal Carolina University Terrazzo Flooring Installation
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  • Terrazzo stairs at Coastal Carolina University
  • DNA terrazzo design at Coastal Carolina University
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  • Epoxy terrazzo flooring at Coastal Carolina University
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Schools and universities turn to terrazzo for its game-changing impact on building design. Whether terrazzo enhances academic performances or simply creates a bit of wow-factor in floor appearance, the building material can bring school buildings up to speed with today’s architectural design and performance standards. Coastal Carolina University is one example of how a school uses terrazzo to create an engaging environment for its students. Today the university is pursuing LEED Gold certification.

Schools have many options when working with terrazzo. Some schools incorporate beautifully-designed logos as a centerpiece for the entire building. And some schools find ways to design a terrazzo floor that best utilizes the school’s colors. At the Academic Building at Coastal Carolina University, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo installed 3,737 square feet of epoxy terrazzo. For this project, the installers located an aqua-colored recycled glass that best matched the school’s colors.

With epoxy terrazzo, the architects worked with Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo to create an artistic surfaces using DNA-type imagery. From the ground level to the second floor, a self-supporting terrazzo staircase guides visitors to academic offices and classrooms. Elsewhere, the university’s restrooms have sink countertops made from precast terrazzo. The entire project is a sound example on the many ways a school can use terrazzo in its academic building.

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