• J. Douglas Galyon Depot Terrazzo Tile Installation
  • Terrazzo Tiles in Entrance way of J.Douglas Galyon Depot
  • Terrazzo tiles across train station walkway at J. Douglas Galyon Depot
  • Greyhound bus terrazzo logo at J. Douglas Galyon Depot
  • White Terrazzo tiles at J. Douglas Galyon Depot
  • Brown benches and gray terrazzo flooring at J. Douglas Galyon Depot


Greensboro, North Carolina


Moser Mayer Phoenix and Associates

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Originally built in 1927, the J. Douglas Galyon Depot was renovated in 2006. The transportation center now supports community events and new methods of transportation from AMTRAK to Greyhound. The off-white terrazzo floor installed by Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo provides a durable surface for this busy multi-modal depot. Customized precast terrazzo tiles varying in shapes and size provide a unique design for multiple rooms and hallways. Epoxy terrazzo logos and graphics serve as navigational guides for commuters. For instance, the Greyhound logo is imprinted with epoxy terrazzo to notify commuters of the company’s service at the depot. With the new upgrades, J. Douglas Galyon can succeed as a center for transportation for another century.

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