• UNCC Prospector Hall with black epoxy terrazzo floors and stair treads
  • Seamless black terrazzo flooring installation at UNCC Prospector Hall
  • Chick-Fil-A inside UNCC Prospector Hall covered in black terrazzo floors
  • Black polished terrazzo flooring at UNCC Prospector Dining Hall
  • Polished terrazzo floor and stair treads at University of North Carolina Charlotte Prospector Hall
  • Epoxy terrazzo flooring at UNCC Prospector Hall


Charlotte, North Carolina


Clancy & Theys Construction


Tobin Dudley Star & Partners

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Prospector Hall is one of the premier dining halls on the UNCC campus. Whether students are stopping by for a meal or using the building as their favorite hot spot, Prospector Hall is a place that creates an connection between students and the university. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo installed a seamless gray terrazzo floor with recycled clear glass, Persian cream and mocha marble chips for aggregates. The layout of the terrazzo floors serve as navigational guides throughout the building, either leading them to the food court area or the upper floor of the building. Precast stair and riser combos were added, providing a durable and safe surface for students to walk on. With all dining halls, there is bound to be a few messes during the day. Terrazzo is easy to clean at any time of the day using a dry mop and warm water. These floors will not lose its luster over the years.

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