• Stars on King Restaurant Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring Installation
  • Terrazzo compass logo at Star on Kings Restaurant and Bar
  • Green Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring Installation at Star on Kings Restaurant
  • Green epoxy terrazzo flooring at Star on Kings Restaurant and Pub
  • Green terrazzo flooring at Star on King bar and restaurant
  • Green stripe terrazzo design at Stars on King Restaurant


Charleston, South Carolina


Southeastern Construction Company


David Thompson Architects

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Sit, relax and enjoy a unique dining experience at Stars on King Restaurant. The terrazzo installed by Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo provide an elegant style and easy to maintain floor for the restaurant. The architects chose green, black and a cream-colored epoxy terrazzo to cover the surface of the building. Natural blue gray and raven black marble chips make up the mix design. From the bar area to the dining booths, the terrazzo floor blends perfectly with the other interior elements, leaving a lasting impression for guests. The addition of terrazzo floors is sure to bring new and returning business for the restaurant over the years.

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