• Terrazzo flooring in hallway corridor of ASU Trivette Dining Hall
  • Students eating lunch at ASU Trivette Dining Hall, covered in epoxy terrazzo flooring
  • ASU Trivette Dining Hall with epoxy terrazzo flooring
  • Detailed terrazzo design at ASU Trivette Dining Hall
  • Gray terrazzo flooring at ASU Trivette Dining Hall
  • Terrazzo flooring in restroom area of ASU Trivette building


Boone, North Carolina


Vannoy Construction


Jenkins Peer Architects

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New custom-designed terrazzo flooring was installed by Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo for the Trivette Dining Hall at Appalachian State University. The Trivette Dining Hall improved aspects of the dining experience by adding modern building materials like terrazzo and other interior elements with the purpose of maximizing durability and minimizing maintenance. Among the new additions to the dining hall include a McAlister’s Deli, a convenience store and expanded food bars. It’s quite an inviting space for students to come and enjoy a meal at any time of the day. Using a 100 grit polish level, the terrazzo floor uses a variety of colors in its design. The architects decided upon using white, tan and maroon epoxy resin colors with a wide range of aggregates from mother of pearl to recycled white and black glass to botticino.

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