• Carolina Park Elementary School Terrazzo Flooring
  • Colorful Terrazzo Floor at Carolina Park Elementary School
  • Colorful epoxy terrazzo design with acorn graphic at Carolina Park Elementary School
  • Giant leaf made from epoxy terrazzo
  • Carolina Park Elementary School Terrazzo Floor Design
  • Carolina Park Elementary School Terrazzo Floor Design
  • Close up of terrazzo floor design at Carolina Park Elementary School
  • Terrazzo floor details at Carolina Park Elementary School


Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina


Thompson Turner Construction


Jumper Carter Sease Architects, PA

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Carolina Park Elementary School – Sewee Academy is a new elementary school in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. For this project, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo installed 2,100 square feet of epoxy terrazzo in some of the school’s classrooms. One attribute of epoxy terrazzo floor is its design potential, allowing for elaborate designs. The floor’s design depicts a tree with acorns hanging off the branches. After glancing at the design, the design is seen as new beginnings and a student’s continued growth. In fact, the combination of materials that are sustainable and produce a good design has a positive influence on the learning development of students over time.

Also, the terrazzo design is vibrant in color. The terrazzo team installed the floor using six different epoxy resin colors. In addition to the different epoxy resin colors, Mother of Pearl, recycled glass chips of varying colors and lightly-toned marble chips are seen within the terrazzo’s design. When Carolina Park Elementary School finally opens in 2017, faculty and students will find the terrazzo design impressive. The floor helps to combat the high level of floor traffic expected when school begins and serves as a low maintenance floor, making it easy to clean.

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