Terrazzo Project: Bluestone Elementary School

  • Terrazzo flooring and White Sofas
  • Bluestone Elementary School
  • Terrazzo Floor at Bluestone Elementary School
  • Terrazzo floor design
  • Terrazzo Installation at Bluestone Elementary School
  • Terrazzo flooring and stairs at Bluestone Elementary School
  • Custom Precast Terrazzo
  • Terrazzo Stairs
  • Dark Gary Precast terrazzo staircase
  • Bluestone Elementary School


Harrisonburg, Virginia




VMDO Architects

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Bluestone Elementary School in Harrisonburg, Virginia accommodates for the enrollment growth seen in the school district over the past decade. According to VMDO Architects, the design of the building meets the needs of the student body creating a space that enriches learning that body values of inclusivity, creating expression and communal learning.

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo added 4,270 square feet of epoxy terrazzo to this brand new school building complete with custom precast terrazzo. Two precast terrazzo staircases were installed. The staircase provides ample space for students and teachers to walk up and down the stairs with a wide stair landing for rest. The terrazzo design includes four different epoxy resin colors incorporating Blue Gray marble chips that bodes well for the school’s name.

Schools like Bluestone Elementary have relied on terrazzo to create an appealing design that enhances student learning. Terrazzo is credited for its durability which will go unhindered throughout its lifecycle. The materials used in the terrazzo floor are sustainable, helping the school to strive for LEED Silver accreditation or better.

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