• Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring in Apartments at Paramount on Lake Eola
  • Epoxy terrazzo flooring at the Paramount 515 apartment complex in Orlando, Florida
  • The Paramount 415 with epoxy terrazzo flooring
  • Epoxy terrazzo flooring at The Paramount 415 in Orlando, Florida
  • The Paramount 415 with epoxy terrazzo floors in Orlando, Florida
  • The Paramount 415 interior terrazzo flooring design


Orlando, Florida


Hardin Construction


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Welcome to the Paramount 415, Orlando’s modern and luxury apartment community, where the terrazzo floors are timeless and sleek in design. This desirable complex incorporates 3 epoxy resin colors combined with metals to layout the floor design. The terrazzo design acts as navigational guides for residents throughout the building. As the floor design matches with the interior elements of the apartment, it creates an inviting and comforting stay for everyone. The mix design uses a mixture of different aggregates ranging from recycled clear glass to raven black marble chips.

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