• Norfolk Police Department Main Lobby with Terrazzo Flooring
  • Resinous terrazzo flooring Norfolk Police Station
  • Police Shield Terrazzo Design
  • Terrazzo Compass Design Norfolk Police Department Virginia
  • Terrazzo navigational design in Police department hallway


Norfolk, Virginia


E.T. Gresham Construction



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Working hard to keep neighborhoods safe, it is nice for police officers to return to the sight of terrazzo flooring at the Norfolk Police Department. The terrazzo floors, with four epoxy resin colors, flow seamlessly throughout the building. In the midsection and corners of each hallway, one can find a compass design made with each epoxy resin color and divider strips that outline the shape. The design works as navigational guides to help visitors locate a particular section of the building. In the station’s lobby, the design professionals at Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo created a detailed emblem of the station’s seal. The designers use a water cut machine to cut metals out of brass, aluminum or zinc to use in a terrazzo design. For this project, the brass metal forms a police shield.

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