• John C. Calhoun Building Terrazzo Flooring
  • epoxy terrazzo flooring at John C. Calhoun Building in South Carolina
  • gray and brown terrazzo floor finish
  • terrazzo installation at John C. Calhoun Building
  • terrazzo flooring John C. Calhoun Building
  • terrazzo flooring installation


Columbia, South Carolina


Palmetto Construction Group, LLC


Craig, Gaulden & Davis, Inc.

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Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo installed terrazzo flooring at the John C. Calhoun Building, which houses the South Carolina Court of Appeals. 2,613 square feet of epoxy terrazzo was added to the interior of the building, creating a professional style of flooring that is both durable and decorative. At a 800 grit polish level, the floor presents a glossy finish. The terrazzo designs includes brown and gray hues for epoxy resin colors, and a mixture of white and mocha colored stones and recycled clear glass for aggregates.

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