Going to the zoo is a fun trip for the whole family. Nowhere else will you see exotic animals from all around the world.  There’s so much to see – from giraffes, lions, polar bears, and more. This is one trip that is sure to create lasting memories.

Today the North Carolina Zoo is the largest zoo in the world, with over 700,000 visitors annually. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo took part in the renovation of the polar bear exhibit in 2012.

The Polar Bears Exhibit

In 1994 polar bears joined the North Carolina Zoo. Nearly twenty years later,  the polar bear exhibit was expanded to create more land space for the bears to live in, nearly tripling in size. HH Architecture and Hendrick Construction worked to create a beautifully-designed habitat and interactive center for zoo visitors. The purpose of the new exhibit is to educate visitors on the current state of polar bears and address climate change.

The BB&T Ice Cave - North Carolina Zoo

North Carolina Zoo - Arctic Ambassador

North Carolina Zoo is An Arctic Ambassador

The North Carolina Zoo teams up with local energy companies to tackle the issue of climate change in order to save polar bears.  The exhibit reopened in October 2014 with new amenities, including new terrazzo flooring. The beautifully-designed habitat takes visitors on an adventure through an artificial ice cave as they learn more about the species and current environmental issues.

Adding Terrazzo to the Exhibit

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo installed 590 square feet of 3/8 inch epoxy terrazzo at the entrance of the Ice Cave. The results – an Arctic atmosphere. Upon entering the building, you will feel a cool breeze as you walk across an Arctic landscape resembling a polar bear’s natural habitat. The architects selected four color choices for the floor’s design to create images of icy waters and sea ice. These floors use at least 70% of recycled glass material for this design.

Installing Terrazzo at North Carolina Zoo - Polar Bears Exhibit

The Ultimate Experience

Terrazzo is the perfect match for this project. Walking into an Arctic cave, you are met immediately with the floor’s design. Along with the rest of the interiors, the terrazzo helps build excitement as you move forward to see the polar bear. But terrazzo is more than just a pretty floor. Terrazzo is a material that also supports the exhibit’s stand on climate change. It is also environmentally-friendly.

Polar Bear Exhibit Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo at the Entrance of the Polar Bear Exhibit

Located just under 70 miles of the zoo, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo helps minimize the ecological footprint of transporting materials. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo works with local contractors to gather materials that will help preserve the environment. For this project, our installers used sustainable materials such as low-VOC epoxy resins and recycled glass and divider strips, all supplied within 500 miles of the project.

As the largest zoo in the world, The North Carolina Zoo needed a durable and low maintenance floor for this exhibit. Over the exhibit’s lifetime, millions of visitors will walk over these floors, yet the exhibit will remain in good condition with the proper routine cleaning.

Normally, you hear about terrazzo installed in schools, hospitals, and airports; however, terrazzo can help zoos establish a warm, inviting, and interactive experience for all.

Spend a lovely afternoon at the North Carolina Zoo located at 4401 Zoo Parkway, Asheboro, North Carolina. The NC Zoo is divided into species from Africa and North America. To see the polar bears exhibit, head to the North American entrance and locate the “Rocky Coast” section.

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Source: nczoo.org