Lobbies have transformed over the years. No longer do lobbies serve as a waiting area for guests. Instead, lobbies have become a centerpiece of the customer experience – creating a first and lasting impression through modern design.  Hotels especially have used design elements over the years to create a space that not only impresses its visitors but also makes them feel welcomed.

Transformation of Lobby Areas

Hotel Lobby The Paramount 500 with terrazzo flooring

Hotel Lobby – The Paramount 500

The Grand Lobby was established in the 1880s and brought prestige to hotels. Due to the rising costs to design lobbies, construction ceased during World World II.  However, these spaces have returned more beautiful and sustainable than ever.

Today healthcare facilities, government centers, and corporate headquarters are creating more hospitality-like settings for its guests. The idea is to create a space that is designed to feel like home.

While issues about costs and maintenance are key factors in designing a lobby, today architects are also putting more emphasis on aesthetics, comfort, and wayfinding. With all these factors combined, it establishes a place that people would enjoy spending their time in.

Lobby Areas with Terrazzo Flooring

When selecting a floor finish for a lobby, architects will seek a material that is durable, seamless, and low maintenance that appeals to customers. Terrazzo offers these features. Terrazzo can be installed at higher grit levels, to offer a shinier floor appearance with little to no maintenance. Installing epoxy terrazzo comes in a range of color choices, with decorative artwork for appealing results. If the goal of the lobby is to impress visitors and make them feel welcomed, then terrazzo’s design flexibility allows them to create anything imaginable.

A lobby feels prestigious when its floors are shiny and reflect off the light fixtures. In a time when building owners are seeking green materials, they can use recycled mirror glass. Mirror-glass reflects the light to create an elegant look.

Below of some examples of terrazzo floors installed in lobby areas:

James Royal Palms Hotel Lobby with Terrazzo Flooring

James Royal Palms Hotel in Miami

Office Lobby Terrazzo Flooring

Corporate Headquarters

High Point University Lobby with terrazzo flooring

High Point University

Mango's Tropical Cafe Lobby with Terrazzo Flooring

Mango’s Tropical Cafe in Orlando

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