One of the advantages of having well-designed workplaces is the impact a design has on the overall engagement and productivity among employees. Studies have shown that employees are spending just as much time at work as they do at home. Many companies are addressing the needs of its employees, deliberating whether a change in office appearance will improve job satisfaction and work performances. Companies should create a space that inspires its employees. Epoxy terrazzo flooring is among the many flooring finishes available that can enhance an office space.


Epoxy terrazzo is a popular flooring finish among architects, interior designers, and general contractors in commercial spaces. This is because epoxy terrazzo is easy to clean and easy to maintain over the years. Many office settings install carpet for its warmth and comfort; however, fibers can onto dirt, dust, and bacteria, with even spillage developing mold and mildew over time. But with a seamless terrazzo floor, one swoop of a mop can take care of most particles, helping improve the overall health of workers.

Nobody likes to come to work every day to a messy environment; therefore, companies should consider a relatively low maintenance flooring for areas such as lobbies, hallways, and even restrooms.

Epoxy terrazzo floor shining at Ally Bank Headquarters in Charlotte, NC

Epoxy terrazzo floor shining at Ally Bank Headquarters in Charlotte, NC

Noise Levels

When there is ongoing movement in high traffic areas or open office environments, workers must deal with high noise levels. One key attribute of employee satisfaction is privacy. The noisier space is, the more likely a company will see an increase in absences. Noise level adds both discomfort and physical strain for employees, often negatively affecting their cognitive and performance abilities. Absenteeism hurts many businesses. Employees who are not healthy, not committed nor performing at their best can count towards any financial losses a company endures.

To reduce stress levels, companies should seek flooring options that absorb noise. Epoxy terrazzo has been widely used in commercial spaces like schools and hospitals because it can create a calm environment. You want employees feeling at ease and producing their best work.

Terrazzo Office Design

Terrazzo can create a quiet work environment as people come and go.


Depending on the design aesthetics of a workplace, design and color can positively influence one’s mood and productivity. Epoxy terrazzo has design potential unseen in other flooring finishes. With epoxy terrazzo, a company has options of using a range of colors and including graphics to enforce its branding throughout the building or use graphics to serve as a way finding tool to guide employees from department to department. For example, by using vibrant colors, a company can motivate its employees, improve employee creativity, make employees and visitors feel welcomed, and excite new employees. When design and company culture work hand in hand, it can create an environment where employees are emotionally invested with the company.

Koya Terrazzo Logo

Koya Headquarters added the company’s name as part of the terrazzo floor’s design.

Epoxy terrazzo has one of the lowest life cycle costs of any flooring material on the market today. What does that mean? It means that as long as the floor is properly managed over time, epoxy terrazzo will have a lasting impression for employees. Employees matter. By taking steps towards addressing workplace design, a company is likely to increase overall employee job satisfaction.

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