Terrazzo has been around for hundreds of years. Today it remains a flooring choice for commercial projects such as schools, hospitals, and government centers. One of the more interesting facts about terrazzo is that Venetian artisans used goat milk as a sealer for their floors. Terrazzo technology and methods have advanced throughout the years.

Goat Milk?

The method of using goat milk for a sealer is no longer used today. However, goat milk was an effective method in terms of creating a strong and glossy surface for any building. Venetian construction workers would take marble chips left over from sites and reuse them, thus creating terrazzo in the process. You would have to imagine that in the early days the floors looked a bit rough and lacked the design elements seen today. But with the inclusion of goat milk, it added value to the floor by restoring the original state of the marble aggregate. As the milk dried, it left a bit of color and luster that made the terrazzo more appealing.

Modern Technological Advances

Today technology has changed how different industries operate. Gone are the days when terrazzo installers had to rub a terrazzo floor with a stone by hand or use goat milk as sealers. New techniques were created overtime that were more cost-effective and timely. For instance, installers can use grinding and polishing machines to cover a large amount of space in a shorter amount of time. Today, laboratories test continuously epoxy to ensure they meet certain standards and requirements.

If it was not for the goat, who knows where terrazzo flooring would be today? With new advancements in terrazzo technology, terrazzo has become an affordable high-end flooring surface and a solid investment for homeowners, contractors, and architects today.

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