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What are the goals for any business? Is it to generate more revenue? Is it to increase brand awareness? What about building lasting customer relationships? For most businesses, first impressions can mean everything. How your performance compares to competitors or the interior design of your building can all factor into how successful your company becomes. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how something as simple as choosing the right flooring can have an impact on a business.

Where to begin? For starters, business owners have a wide selection of flooring surfaces to choose from. Vinyl composition tile, vinyl, linoleum, marble, and terrazzo are some popular commercial flooring options that business owners can consider.

Consider the Floor Design

Let’s start with the floor’s design. The goal is to create an appealing floor that matches with other interior elements of the space. But first, consider your audience. Fashion retail stores may want a sleek and seamless style of flooring whereas children’s stores may benefit from a multitude of colors and engaging graphics. Colors can evoke certain emotions as well.  For example, blue is one of the most common colors for many brands. That is because blue puts people at ease.  So you may want to consider adding some blue to your floors to create a relaxing and pleasant customer experience.


A business may soon be booming if owners choose terrazzo. Terrazzo offers business owners unlimited design opportunities. Architects can combine a wide array of epoxy colors and form many shapes and patterns. Using divider strips, brand logos can be designed using terrazzo, which can really transform the entire space for a business.

Choose an Easy-to-Clean Floor

Floors should be immaculate the moment a customer enters the doors. The last thing any business wants is for a customer to slip and fall due to spills and residue build. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo recommends going with a seamless floor to avoid removing dirt and debris from grout lines. It is best to clean a floor regularly as it definitely improves the aesthetics of your business space.

If terrazzo floors are installed, the only equipment a business will need is a dry mop, a bucket of warm water, and possibly a neutral cleaner. This ultimately saves business owners money over the years. There is no need to invest in expensive cleaners and cleaning products as terrazzo is easy to maintain over the years.

Consider a Durable and Safe Floor

Beyond potential slips and falls, businesses should choose a flooring type that prevents airborne illnesses. Some flooring types have harmful contents that can be emitted into the air and have a negative impact on the health of customers, the building, and the environment. When choosing the right floor for your business, choose a floor that has zero VOC content. A healthy floor with a durable surface can help keep the business going for years.

Terrazzo can last about 75 years and can consist of recycled materials like porcelain or post-consumer glass. This makes it an ideal option for architects seeking LEED certification.

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is a terrazzo contractor in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you seek professional installation help with a future commercial project, then Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo can offer its services to you. Please reach out to a Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo representative at (704) 921-4940 or When it comes to terrazzo, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is “Your Choice in Terrazzo.”