Finding the right floor for your home or commercial project can be challenging. There are different factors that go into the final decision like finding a floor that meets performance standards, matches the overall design and is easy to clean.  To save you the trouble, today we will look into seamless flooring (as well as terrazz0) and help you decide whether this may be the right flooring choice for your next project.

Why Choose Seamless Flooring?

To start off with, let’s discuss what a seamless floor is. According to Merriam-Webster, seamless refers to the movement from one thing to another without any interruption or issues. The results are quite perfect. When you factor the term with flooring, it makes sense for architects and interior designers to want a seamless floor for their projects. Seams and grout lines can be a long-term health and maintenance issue. This is due to the fact that grout lines, which are commonly found in flooring types like vinyl and tile, accumulate dirt particles over time. Why wouldn’t you want a floor that flows effortlessly throughout the room?

Benefits of Seamless Flooring

The great thing about a seamless floor is that it can be installed anywhere. It adds value to kitchens, classrooms, lobbies and other interior spaces. In addition to its widespread use, it can provide extensive design flexibility where different shapes and colors can add a unique look that space calls for. An architect or designer can achieve beautiful results. Results that benefit from the flooring’s glossy and reflective characteristics.

Other benefits include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Higher performance features such as chemical resistance and strength against impact
  • Reduce of indoor noise
  • Safer surface to walk on
  • Can incorporate renewable materials

Seamless Flooring Option – Terrazzo

One resinous-hard surface to consider is epoxy terrazzo. Terrazzo achieves many of the factors mentioned, but did you know that terrazzo has the longest wearing life and lowest life cycle cost among all flooring options. Terrazzo has a rich history but has become prevalent once again in many industries today. Locations such as healthcare facilities, breweries, educational institutions, auto dealerships, restaurants, and government bases are just a few of the places where epoxy terrazzo has been installed. In fact, some of these locations have stripped off layers of their floors to find terrazzo underneath the previous flooring.  Terrazzo can be easily restored by grinding and resealing the surface.

Let’s take a closer look at how these floors impact a location such as a hospital. With epoxy terrazzo installed at a hospital, the flooring provides safety and design appeal for patients and employees. Because terrazzo is non-porous, this prevents water, mold, and mildew from creating issues in later years. The flooring can add attractive colors that can alleviate a patient’s worries making them more relaxed prior to visiting a doctor. A seamless floor is also a very visually clean looking floor, which provides the connotation that hospitals are a safe and healthy place.

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is a terrazzo flooring installer in Charlotte, North Carolina.  As a member of the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, we have installed terrazzo in healthcare facilities throughout the southern United States. Have questions? Give us a call at (704) 921-4940 or email us at When it comes to terrazzo, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is “Your Choice in Terrazzo.”

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