3 Things You Need to Know About Terrazzo

When we sit down with our clients, there is a wealth of information we could discuss on the merits of terrazzo; however, we like to focus on three characteristics that really grab the attention of our clients. When it comes to this flooring material, here are 3 things you need to know about terrazzo.

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The life-span of terrazzo

We’ve said it countless times before, but we really can’t say it enough. Terrazzo has an impressive lifespan of over 75 years on average.

In those 75 years, minimal maintenance will keep your terrazzo floor looking brand new; all without ever needing any repairs!

When you take that into consideration, the life-cycle cost of terrazzo is the most cost-effective in the long-run compared to other flooring systems.

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Durability of Terrazzo

A key factor to the impressive life-span of terrazzo is its outstanding durability. Virtually unmatched by any other flooring material, terrazzo is perfect for high-traffic areas like schools, airports, and hospitals.

Not to mention, the slip-resistance of terrazzo makes it ADA compliant.

Epoxy terrazzo is 3/8″ in thickness, making it lighter in weight and longer lasting than cement terrazzo systems.

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Design Possibilities of Epoxy Terrazzo

Of course, even with its extensive life-span and high-durability, it’s often the diverse range of design possibilities that immediately stands out to our clients. The color options and versatile nature of terrazzo mean that there are literally endless possibilities in terms of design.

The creative potential for terrazzo is not limited to just floors either. Countertops, showers, walls, tables, and so much more can take advantage of the versatility of terrazzo. Building owners can even incorporate their own logos and floor designs that is sure to captivate the eye.

When we say the possibilities are limitless, we really mean it!

Terrazzo at Huntsville Airport

If you’re considering including terrazzo in your next project, just recall these three defining characteristics:

Extensive Life-span, High-durability, and Limitless Design Potential.

With these “3 Things You Need to Know About Terrazzo”, we’re confident that terrazzo is the right choice for you.

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is a leading terrazzo installation company in the United States. Our installation team has installed over 1 million square feet of epoxy terrazzo to date. To get a glimpse of what terrazzo can do for your construction building project, head over to the Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo portfolio page to see all of our recent installations: Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo Projects

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