Getting into a university is a milestone in itself. For students, their career outlook seems bright as they walk the hallways of their prestigious universities. As a result, universities across the world are finding ways to create the most engaging atmosphere for its faculty and students. Most universities have turned to terrazzo flooring contractors to create a logo that will be preserved over the years. Terrazzo can create even the most complex logos at its finest details, using multiple epoxy colors and custom graphics, accurately designed using a waterjet. With terrazzo logos in place, it draws people’s attention but also is a sure way to reinforce a school’s identity. Here are 10 terrazzo logos that Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo has installed at universities throughout the Southeastern United States.

1. North Carolina State University

NC State - Terrazzo Logo

Right in the heart of the triangle area of North Carolina, North Carolina University had its logo installed in the Talley Student Center. Thousands of students visit student centers daily to study, participate in club activities and get information for upcoming school events. Because terrazzo is durable, it can withstand the high amounts of foot traffic all year long. The logo features the North Carolina State seal. The design includes the Memorial Tower, which was built on the campus in 1938 to commemorate 34 NC State alumni who died during World War I.

2. Coastal Carolina University

Coastal Carolina University - Terrazzo Logo

The Coastal Carolina University logo sits in the middle of the Student Recreation & Convocation Center. The building allows students to add fitness into their daily schedule. As a result, a floor that is both durable and slip-resistant was the right call for this place. With Coastal Carolina University residing by the southern shores of South Carolina, it is only fitting that its logo includes a few waves, which are included in the terrazzo design.

3. Central Piedmont Community College

CPCC Terrazzo Logo

The CPCC Overcash Academic & Performing Arts Center is a student’s gateway to seeing some fine arts performances. Right as you enter the building is the school’s seal centered in the hallway. Throughout the ground floor, the terrazzo exudes a seamless and glossy path. The design features an intricate tree graphic in the middle of the logo. You can find this floor design at Central Campus of CPCC.

4. Norfolk State University

Norfolk State University - Terrazzo Logo

Future nurses will enjoy walking across these terrazzo floors. One thing about terrazzo floors that you should know is that they are sustainable, with features such as zero VOC content and micro-bacterial resistance. The floor is seamless throughout the lobby. As students enter the building, the logo is front and center as they walk in. A detailed graphic of the Spartans mascot lies in the middle of the universities lettering.

5. Duke University

Duke University - Terrazzo Logo

Duke University in Durham, North Carolina has many prestigious departments. One of them is its School of Nursing, which installed its logo in this nice lobby area. If you ever get a chance to visit Duke University, you will see some astounding gothic architecture across the campus. This architectural style plays a role in the logo design itself, which creates a comforting interior for patients and students to thrive in.

6. East Carolina University

East Carolina University - Terrazzo Logo

The color purple stands out at East Carolina University. There is a great balance of color in the pirate mascot logo that matches well with other interiors in this space. The East Carolina University pirate is a great example of brand identity as well. The logo pops out from the floor, which can help bring a sense of pride for students who attend this school.

7. University of Alabama

University of Alabama - Terrazzo Logo

The Crimson A may not use as many colors or have an elaborate design as some of the other designs on this list, but it is still a highly recognizable design that can amaze students and visitors across campus. It’s a way of showing that simple designs can also work well with terrazzo to preserve a school’s tradition.

8. Troy University

Troy University - Terrazzo Logo

The great thing about this terrazzo logo at Troy University is placed in the perfect position that it is hard to go unnoticed. As students travel down a flight of stairs to the dining area, the image is within their sights every step of the way.

9. Tuskegee University

Tuskegee University - Terrazzo Logo

Step into the Margaret Murray Washington Hall at Tuskegee University and you will see a well-blended floor that matches the interiors of the building. The logo has an encompassing pattern that surrounds the university’s lettering. This installation is a perfect example that a logo can vary in size as this design spans across the entire room.

10. Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University - Terrazzo Logo

If you ask whether terrazzo can create any design possible, then look no further than the Old Dominion University seal. The seal incorporates different graphics that come as a whole to create one astounding terrazzo logo. Each graphic within the terrazzo floor is precise in its original form. As a result, it is sure to make a few heads turn.

These are just a few terrazzo logos that Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo has installed in universities in the Southern United States. Using a waterjet machine, the design professionals at Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo are capable of creating accurate and creative designs to be used in projects. Terrazzo logos and graphics extend beyond just universities. Today you can find well-crafted designs at hospitals, corporate offices, government centers, banks and other commercial properties.

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is an experienced contractor in all facets of terrazzo including; poured in place cement and thin-set epoxy terrazzo systems as well as all precast terrazzo material installations. If you seek professional installation help with a future commercial project, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo can offer its services to you. Please reach out to a Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo representative at (704) 921-4940 or

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