Terrazzo can create captivating designs. Whether you want a floor that is simple and modern or creative with all types of graphics and shapes, terrazzo has you covered. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo worked on some amazing projects over the years. Here are 10 terrazzo projects with interesting designs that we believe you will enjoy.

1. Mango’s Tropical Cafe

Mango's Tropical Cafe - Terrazzo Design

First on the list is one of our most colorful terrazzo projects, using up to 22 different epoxy colors. When Mango’s Tropical Cafe needed a floor that would spice up the Orlando nightlife, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo was up for the challenge. The interior and exterior space is one of a kind. Upon traveling down the hallways, your eyes are met with intricate details. Swirls, hearts and lips are butterflies are central images displayed in the terrazzo.  Approaching the stage, precast stairs guide performers every step of the day. “Come Fall in Love” is Mango’s Tropical Cafe’s slogan and ever since terrazzo was installed, the place is packed with locals and even celebrities. With the amazing display of artwork and the incredible live performances every night, it is hard not to fall in love.

General Contractor: US Construction Corp

Architect: L2 Studios

2. American Girl

American Girl - Terrazzo Design

American Girl has been a top seller in dolls for generations. To give the brand an upgraded look to match this modern era, this project included a terrazzo installation that is sure to drive traffic into the stores for years to come.  American Girl is more than a store now. It is an experience. Beyond looking at the collection of doll products the store has to offer, American Girl now allows young girls to have fun with their friends and families in interactive areas such as a salon or bistro.  The terrazzo floor sparkles all thanks to the mixture of silver coated glass, ruby reds, cherry reds and white synthetic plastics. You can find this American Girl store located at Southpark Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina.

General Contractor: Norcon, Inc

Architect: Jacobs Engineering Group

3. Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University - Terrazzo Design

How would you like to live in a building with an elaborate design featuring your school’s colors? That’s what Florida Atlantic University did for one of its housing residences. Clean curved lines of sky-colored shades of blue and white color palette create a consistent professional theme. The great thing about terrazzo is its sustainability. Sustainable design is linked to creating a better learning experience for students. As students roam these hallways, we only hope they their college experience leads to a bright future. Looking back 50 years from now, we want students to remember these terrazzo floors and how it provided a unique experience for them.

Architect: PGAL

4. George Mason University

George Mason University - Terrazzo Design

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. Designs inspired by math and science create impressive displays guaranteed to catch a student’s eye. The installation completed at George Mason University’s Science and Technology Building is a great representation on how advanced terrazzo flooring is. The mixture of unorthodox imagery defines what science can be. Science is about experimenting and finding new ways to better our lives. We are sure the terrazzo floors will enrich student’s lives and we will continue to find new advancements in our products that will elevate terrazzo standards.

General Contractor: Donley’s LLC

Architect: Perkins & Will

5. USA Women’s and Children’s Hospital Patient Tower

USA Women's and Children's Hospital - Terrazzo Design

Take it from me. Hospitals are not fun. At all costs, I’m sure people would try to avoid hospitals altogether. But that is not the case. However, by incorporating an interesting design that includes swirls and waves representing an ocean, the terrazzo floor can take patients into a new world. Behind every corner is an elaborate ocean-themed design, which can help alleviate any anxiety about having to see the doctor.

General Contractor: Doster Construction Companythat in

Architect: Tro | Jung Brannen

6. Fort Myers Beach Library

Fort Myers Library - Terrazzo Design

Books can widen the imagination. For Fort Myers Beach Library, the imagination expands onto the floor. Libraries are keeping up with the changing architectural trends in order to serve a wider audience. The library went with a beach theme to resemble the city’s lifestyle. When looking at the terrazzo floor, you will be fascinated by the gathering of marine life as fish and dolphins swim across the room. When Fort Myers Beach Library decided to bring terrazzo to its doors, they intend to create a bigger splash with their audience.

General Contractors: Manhattan Kraft Construction

Architect: Harvard Jolly Architecture

7. John F. Kennedy High School

John F. Kennedy - Terrazzo Design

When you are high school student, lunch is the one time you can look forward to during the day. With hundreds of students packed in one area, you need a floor that is not only durable but easy to clean up afterwards. John F. Kennedy High School took things one step further and decided to add a mixture of bright epoxy colors with unique lines that flow across the space. It’s definitely a colorful establishment that can help a school distinguish itself from others.

General Contractor: Shelco, Inc

Architect: Walter Robbs Callhan & Pierce

8. Jacksonville City Center for Public Safety

Jacksonville City Center for Public Safety - Terrazzo Design

Government buildings can get a upgrade in design as well. Take for instance the Jacksonville City Center of Public Safety, which fills the space with a sense of creativity and professionalism. Upon walking into the building’s lobby, its hard not to notice the colorful shapes marked in the terrazzo floors. As visitors walk up the precast stairs to the second floor, the design has a beautiful aerial view. Throughout the hallways, the white terrazzo floors give it a clean simple look but also uses color to guide traffic down the hallways.

General Contractor: Clancy & Theys Construction Company

Architect: Gantt Huberman Architects

9. Oakland Elementary School

Oakland Elementary - Terrazzo Design

Students have the ability to widen their minds throughout their school years. For Oakland Elementary School, they have opened our eyes with their extravagant entrance. Using a ocean theme, the school uses a wide mixture of colors and shapes to bring the floor to life. Sailboats and sea creatures are just a few of the designs used in this remarkable floor. It’s a way to exhibit creativity in schools. Oakland Elementary School was designed to meet sustainable principles, using recycled materials and use of day light. Students will be sailing all the way to graduation at Oakland Elementary School.

General Contractor: Profast Commercial Flooring

Architect: Goff D Antonio Associates

10. Fort Lauderdale International Airport

Ft Lauderdale International Airport - Terrazzo Design

Whether you are taking lift off or landing at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, one thing is for sure – You will be amazed by the terrazzo floors installed at this airport. Marine life is spread throughout the floor. With airports being busy all year round, it is essential to have a durable floor like terrazzo. In this day and age, businesses are focused on enhancing the customer experience. With airports adapting to new changes, they have found ways to bring satisfaction for each traveler. Terrazzo just happens to be one of them.

General Contractor: Thornton Construction Company, Inc.

Architect: Singer Architects

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is a terrazzo flooring installer in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have worked on projects in the Southeast since 1974. If you need professional terrazzo installation done for a commercial project, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us for more information by calling us at (704) 921-4940 or emailing us at info@doyledickersonterrazzo.com.


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