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When Thanksgiving draws near, it is the time of the season where we ponder on the things we are thankful for. Now as many families come together this holiday season to share a hearty feast, watch football and parades and partake in timeless traditions, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo wants to thanks all of our employees and clients. We like to thank our employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the year and to the many general contractors, architects and construction professionals on building a working relationship as we build better communities. But let’s not forget about thanking terrazzo for providing many quality features.

Thankful for Terrazzo’s Design

Mango's Tropical Cafe Orlando

Terrazzo contractors have been working endlessly to help architects transform a space. Over the last year, we have seen some outstanding terrazzo work around the world. From David Chipperfield’s Valentino New York flagship store, Apple Campus, Pittsburgh International Airport and even our own Mango’s Tropical Cafe in Orlando, these projects featuring terrazzo are sure to captivate an audience. But the great thing about all these projects is that each one is unique in it’s own design. For instance, Mango’s Tropical Cafe incorporates a mixture of colorful recycled glass to create the floor’s design whereas Chipperfield’s work is more minimalist in style.


Daivd Chipperfield's Valentino Terrazzo

David Chipperfield’s Valentino

Thankful for Terrazzo’s Durability

There’s much more to be thankful for. While terrazzo’s design is sure to catch your eye at first, it is terrazzo’s durability that ensure that this floor is seen by many over the years. The material’s strength and resilience makes it among the best flooring options for high foot traffic areas often found in schools, hospitals and large commercial spaces. Some floors tend to crack and stain easily; therefore, many business owners would be glad to have invested in a terrazzo floor that is very easy to maintain and care for over the years.

Thankful for Terrazzo’s Revival

2016 was the year that terrazzo became a trend in the design community. Originating in the mid-15th century, terrazzo once again is a hot commodity among architects and designers in their green building projects. Terrazzo extends beyond the flooring surface to countertops, walls surfaces and staircases. What is even more interesting is the ongoing trend in fashion and accessories. Terrazzo  has became so popular that it can be seen today in clothing, furniture, pillow, and iPhone case designs.

Terrazzo Furniture

Marmoreal by Max Lamb

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