Creating an Interacting Design with Terrazzo

Design Flexibility of Terrazzo There is so much you can design with terrazzo. Many schools tend to merge the school’s mascot on the walls or floor while using the school’s branded colors for an interactive design. But for some instances, terrazzo can go beyond a school’s logo and colors to intrigue young minds. As students walk [...]

MUSC Wellness Center

MUSC Wellness Center Charleston, South Carolina Scope: Epoxy At MUSC Wellness Center, this terrazzo design seems to take the traditional monochromatic checker-board archetype and literally puts its own twist on it. Moving away from the familiar perpendicular rows of alternating black and white squares, this design allows the pattern to flow. Bodies of [...]

Wake Forest University – Farrell Hall

Wake Forest University - Farrell Hall Winston-Salem, North Carolina Scope: Epoxy In the hall of Wake Forest University, the vanilla white terrazzo serves as a perfect canvas for the warm colored furnishings and light wood panels of the building. The solid color of the terrazzo floor acts as a background that ties the elements [...]