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  • University of Maryland Terrazzo Flooring Installation
  • Durable Terrazzo Flooring at University of Maryland
  • Terrazzo Flooring at the University of Maryland
  • White Epoxy Terrazzo Floors by the Elevators at University of Maryland
  • Interior Design with terrazzo flooring at University of Maryland
  • White Epoxy Floors installed at the University of Maryland


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Students attending college has dramatically increased over the decades. As a result, architects are developing buildings that use sustainable elements to influence academic performance while creating a modern and accessible space for students to thrive in. Prince Frederick Hall is a residence hall at the University of Maryland that supports both semi-suites and classroom space. The terrazzo floors installed by Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo provides durability and timeless beauty for the residence hall. 6,073 square feet of epoxy terrazzo and precast terrazzo stairs make up the interior of the building. Using a 400 grit polish level, the terrazzo mix design consists of a light and a dark toned epoxy color, and white marble chips and clear glass aggregates. The combination of sustainable elements is a welcoming sight for current and future residents at Prince Frederick Hall.

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