• Dawson County Courthouse


Dawsonville, Georgia


Winter Construction Co.


Rosser International

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The Dawson County Courthouse was installed with a beautiful and professional style terrazzo floor. The architects designed the building to accommodate judicial functions while providing flexible spacing for government offices. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo created multiple mix designs for the terrazzo floor, using primarily an amber-colored epoxy for the graphic that can be found in the center of the building. The terrazzo design consists of different quantities of aggregates ranging from a cream colored to a mocha colored aggregate. Travel through the interior of the courthouse and you will be immersed with terrazzo. Terrazzo flows seamlessly through the hallways, providing a durable surface suitable for high-traffic areas. Tread and riser combo stairs connect the lobby area to the upper level floors of the building. Even the restrooms contain terrazzo, with precast terrazzo tiles and precast terrazzo counter tops that are easy to maintain during the day.

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