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  • Southwest Recreation Center Terrazzo Flooring at Gym Entrance
  • Terrazzo Flooring at the University of Florida Southwest Recreation Center
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  • Southwest Recreation Center Terrazzo Flooring


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The addition and renovation of the Southwest Recreation Center at the University of Florida met the needs for the increasing student enrollment and need for quality athletic facilities on campus. This project was certified LEED Gold for its use of sustainable elements throughout the building. Among these sustainable elements is the terrazzo flooring installed by terrazzo flooring contractor Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo. At a 800 grit polish level at 6,550 square feet, the terrazzo floor contains epoxy resins to match the university’s colors. Glass is the primary aggregate found in the floor’s design, using silver coated glass and clear glass. 3/8″ zinc divider strips aid in the customized design as well. The two-story recreation center features a staircases with precast terrazzo tread and risers with planks at the resting level. Together the terrazzo floor and staircase at Southwest Recreation Center provide a safe and durable floor as students engage with athletic activities. One of the beneficial features of terrazzo is its ease of maintenance, allowing staff to easily clean drops of sweat or spills at any time of the day.

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