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  • Salvation Army Community Center Terrazzo Project
  • Front Desk Terrazzo Flooring at Salvation Army Community Center
  • Salvation Army Community Center Terrazzo Floors
  • community center design with epoxy terrazzo
  • Recycled glass terrazzo flooring, carpet, and stone walls
  • Red terrazzo floors at Salvation Army Community Center


Greenville, South Carolina


SYS Constructors


Craig, Gaulden & Davis Inc.

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The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center was designed to give all individuals an opportunity to develop their natural gifts and talents, according to the architects Craig Gaulden & Davis. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo installed a seamless white terrazzo floor that contains sustainable aggregates like recycled yellow glass, red glass and brown glass. Precast terrazzo wall panels and 4″ straight wall bases were also included in the project using the same epoxy resins and aggregates. Together they create a modern and professional appealing community environment. The terrazzo floors have an opportunity to last into the next century with terrazzo’s superior durability and ease of maintenance. For architects seeking LEED credit, terrazzo is an great option for commercial projects.

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