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Terrazzo Year in Review 2017

Terrazzo continues to emerge onto the scene in 2017, becoming a building material trend for construction projects around the world. Terrazzo will continue to remain popular amongst architects and building professionals next year. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo will cover some of this year's terrazzo highlights as well as showcase some of our projects completed in educational, commercial, [...]

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DIY Terrazzo Crafts To Try This Holiday

Feeling the rush of getting a last-minute gift this holiday season? Or do you simply want to try something new? Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo has found four Do-It-Yourself Projects that you might enjoy. Today terrazzo is more than just flooring. The style is showing up everywhere from furniture, clothing, product design, and home decor. If you [...]

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First Impressions: Lobby Areas with Terrazzo Flooring

Lobbies have transformed over the years. No longer do lobbies serve as a waiting area for guests. Instead, lobbies have become a centerpiece of the customer experience - creating a first and lasting impression through modern design.  Hotels especially have used design elements over the years to create a space that not only impresses its visitors but [...]

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Moisture Mitigation: Dealing with Moisture Issues in Terrazzo Flooring

Moisture mitigation is a process that reduces the negative impacts of excess water transpiring from a concrete slab. It's an important issue that occurs in many flooring options, especially terrazzo. In an age where construction projects are fast-tracked, moisture-related issues are arising. And the results are not pretty. Moisture can lead to problems later in [...]

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Why Terrazzo Logos are Good for Business

First impressions can lead to lasting impressions. From the moment a person walks through the doors of a business, owners hope to retain customers. By providing the ultimate experience, business owners can build a better relationship with their customers. Business owners can start by focusing on a building's interiors. Owners can reap the benefits of [...]

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Back to School Terrazzo

Back to School Nothing is more important than a good education. With many students stepping back into the classrooms, there might be a little surprise waiting for them when they arrive. New construction projects and school renovations are adding a bit of terrazzo to their school's floor plan, in hopes of creating an enriched learning [...]

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Today terrazzo is faster to install due to advanced technology and products. But nearly a century ago, construction workers did not have a grinding or polishing machine to speed up the flooring process. Today we will talk about an old but important tool that paved the way for terrazzo. Today we will focus on a [...]

Installing a Terrazzo Design: Carolina Park Elementary School

Carolina Park Elementary School is a new construction project involving the installation of an elaborate terrazzo design. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo installed the terrazzo floor, which illustrates images of a tree with acorns hanging from the branches. The floor is an example of the design possibilities of epoxy terrazzo. Today schools consider epoxy terrazzo not only [...]

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Advantages of Thin-Set Epoxy

Did you know there are different terrazzo systems available? Each system has its own use, but today we at Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo will discuss how thin-set epoxy has advantages over other types of terrazzo. Advantages of Thin-Set Epoxy Durability Epoxy terrazzo is the best thin-set system available today. Other thin-set systems include monolithic terrazzo [...]